Our Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach


We begin by helping the families we serve define the investment returns they need to achieve their short- and longer-term goals. Then, we put together an understandable strategy that matches risk to the return needed. Next, we use low-cost investments and coordinate the tax, legal, and other advice required to keep each family's’ goals on track year after year.


Fiduciary Standard

For all of our investment advisory work, we are fiduciaries. This means that our client's interests always come first.



We strive to use low-cost investments for most broad stock and bond asset classes. For a few asset classes, which remain less correlated with broader stock and bond investments, active management has the potential to add value. Here, we strive to choose reasonably priced, actively managed investments.


Investment Strategy: Risk & Return

Investment risk and return are directly related. Taking more risks brings both the likelihood of better long-term returns as well as greater losses. We give a great deal of attention to helping the families we serve understand the limits of their tolerance for risk and the resulting investment returns they can reasonably expect.



We pay careful attention to income taxation, assisting the families we serve to track tax cost basis and harvest tax losses. With permission, we provide information and coordinate our work with tax professionals who serve our clients to address other tax issues.


Legal & Other Professionals

Family goals almost always require coordination between financial, legal, and other professionals. Estate planning (wills, trusts) requires coordination of naming of accounts, beneficiary designations, and estate tax reduction strategies.


Tracking of Goals Over the Years

Our professionals work as a team for each family we serve. We confer with each family at least once or twice annually to revisit risk tolerance, review investment performance, as well as update and track the family goals.