Services & Fees


More Than Just Investment Advice

Financial advisory services range from bare-bones investment advice delivered by software programs called “robo-advisors” to companies called “family offices” that deliver comprehensive services to the super wealthy 1% of families. Family office comprehensive services cooridnate taxes, estate planning, insurance, and just about anything else that advances a wealthy family’s goals.

The need for more than bare-bones investment advice is not limited to the super-wealthy families. Sound advice about taxes, estate planning, social security, insurance, and other issues is often the difference between achieving or falling short of family goals, no matter what investment results produce alone.

Samuel Financial LLC’s team of advisors has the credentials and decades of experience to provide investment advice and advice in many other areas directly. Though we do not practice law or provide tax advice directly, we work closely with family advisors to ensure these and other needed professional services are delivered well. Our coordination reduces the chance of important matters “falling through the cracks” and improves the overall services to families cost effectively.



Virtually all of the families we serve compensate Samuel Financial LLC on a fee-for-service basis, as a percentage of investments we advise. Our fees range from 1% per year to as low as 0.35% per year. This fee covers all investment management and financial planning services.

Samuel Financial LLC also provides services on an hourly basis at the current rate of $400 per hour for partners and $200 per hour for para-professional team members.