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Ten Retirement Mistakes

In a sense, you have been planning for your retirement ever since you started working. Maybe you’ve been contributing to a 401(k) plan, or maybe you’ve been socking away money in an IRA, but without a doubt, you’ve been looking forward to your golden years. And we...

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Best Ways to Save for College

With the cost of higher education rising annually, saving for college is on every parent’s mind. There are several vehicles designed specifically for this, including state savings plans, prepared tuition plans, Coverdell education savings accounts, and custodial...

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Introduction to Commonwealth

Just as you’re free to choose the advisor you believe is best suited to help you meet your objectives, our firm benefits from the same freedom in selecting a firm to help us serve you. The partner we chose to help us help you pursue your goals is Commonwealth...

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Beyond Tuition: What College Really Costs

When planning for higher education expenses, it’s important to consider all the costs associated with attending college, not just tuition, fees, and room and board. The indirect expenses that don’t show up on the college bill—books, supplies, travel, laundry, and the...

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100 Reasons to Save

“Happy 100th birthday! Congratulations are in order. You’ve seen an entire century. Go celebrate! Hope you’ve saved enough to make it another hundred! — John Advisor If the note above comes as a shock to you, it may be a reality in just a few decades. As technological...

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