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Investment Management

Investment Management

At Samuel Financial LLC, we build an investment portfolio based on your financial objectives, personal investment style, and risk tolerance. We work with you to create a strategic portfolio allocation designed to meet your needs and future goals, while minimizing the risk of loss.
Goal Setting & Tracking

Goal Setting & Tracking

We analyze your financial picture and define specific goals tailored to major life changes and milestones. In our goal setting and tracking meetings, we work with clients to manage progress and identify changes that may affect financial outcomes while staying ahead of foreseeable needs.
Wealth 360 Degrees

Wealth 360 Degrees

We specialize in helping you navigate unusual or complicated financial needs. We welcome the opportunity to service your accounts with the highest level of customer service and attention.

Additional Service Options Available:

  • Money Guide Pro® software analysis
  • Tax coordination with CPA professional
  • Researching cost basis
  • Estate planning coordination with law professional
  • Long Term Care guidance
  • Individual Securities research
  • Guidance on outside investments

How We Can Help You:

  • Identifying Major Personal and Family Goals
  • Managing Income and Expenses
  • Evaluating Current Financial Health
  • Developing a Tailored Financial Strategy and Monitor on a Regular Basis
  • Creating an Education Savings Plan
  • Planning for Retirement and Saving Enough Money
  • Evaluating Social Security & Medicare Benefits
  • Assisting in Tax Mitigation and Harvesting
  • Analyzing Insurance Protection

Over the years we have helped clients in any capacity that affects their financial well-being. We are here as advisors, providing guidance and discretion when you need it.

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